ICEM info

Other Organization(s): International Federation of Chemical, Energy and General Workers' Unions
Language: English
Published: Geneva [etc.]
Note: Also titled: ICEF info. - ICEM info; (1987): ICEF bulletin. - ICEM information
German ed.: (ZK 35466),(ZK 43630). - French ed.: (ZK 35641),(ZK 43629). - Spanish ed.: (ZK 43193).
Continued by: Global info (ZK 43147)

Call number

IISG ZK 43147
(1967):no.8-9,12; (1987):no.1-3; (1988):no.7-8; (1993):no.2-4; (1994);no.1-4; (1995):no.1-4; (1996) - (2000); (2001):no.1-3; (2002):no.1