Trotsky parle

  Visual Documents
Speaker: Trockij, Lev Davidovič
Collector: Mandel, Ernest
Producer: Ligue Communiste (France)
Language: French
Summary: “Trotsky Parle” is a hitherto unknown propaganda film made in 1932 in Copenhagen. It shows the world-famous Russian revolutionary giving his views about the global revolution, in Homeric French, with grotesque gestures to reinforce his arguments. Moving images and audio recordings of Trotsky are quite rare. This footage was found in the archive of a Belgian Trotskyist. In November 1932, Trotsky travelled from his place of exile in Turkey to Denmark. He had been invited by a socialist student organization to deliver a speech at their congress. “In Defence of the October Revolution” was his first public address on non-Russian soil since 1917. Among his audience was the nineteen-year-old apprentice photographer Robert Capa, on his first official assignment. During his stay in Copenhagen, Trotsky met comrades from France, Belgium, and other European countries. He was hoping to be given asylum in Western Europe. He also broadcast a speech for CBS radio and spoke in English about the future of Europe for Movietone News – it was billed as Trotsky's film debut. Maybe the producer of Trotsky Parle, the Ligue Communiste, used Movietone’s cameraman to record his discourse about the revolution in French.
Physical Description: Original film (9min:33sec) 16 mm., black-white.
Digitized copy (2,03 GB) : black-white.
Published: 1932.

Call number

IISG BG F2/961