Introducción al materialismo dialectico y al socialismo cientifico. Pról. de N. Lenin: Sobre la dialectica. Trad. del alemán, disposición y antepról. de A. Pamarega.

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Author: Marx, Karl
Other Author(s): Lenin, Vladimir Il'ič
Pumarega, Angel
Engels, Friedrich
Language: Spanish
Physical Description: 216 p.
Published: Madrid : Aguilar, 1932.
IISH Classification: Sp 1160 (Spain; social history; after 1800; social ideas and social movements; socialism; history and theory; various subjects, local and regional history)
D 1185 (Germany; social history; 19th, 20th century; socialism; socialist theories; Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels; historical theories, historical materialism)

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IISG 234/149

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