Re'ai benzhi, xue ganxianjin, tigao zhiliang, jiangjiu xiaol├╝

  Visual Documents
Designer: Zhang Tianfang
Collector: Landsberger, Stefan R
Period: 1983-1983
Physical Description: 77x53 cm.
Published: 1983, January ([S.l.] :Renmin meishu chubanshe,
Series: Zhigong shouze ; 3.
Note: 'Warmly love one's job, study to catch up with the advanced, raise quality, practice efficiency'. Printno. 8027.8502. From series 'Regulations for staff and workers'. See also BG E13/275-278, BG E13/413, BG E13/465, BG E13/478.
Subject: Labour ethics
Subject Location: China

Call number

IISG BG E13/479