Zhongyang renmin zhengfu wei daibiao Zhonghua renmin gongheguo quanguo renminde weiyi hefa zhengfu.

  Visual Documents
Other Organization(s): Political Department of the Third Field Army of the East China Military Region
Period: 1949-1949
Physical Description: 78.5x54.5 cm.
Published: (Ca. 1950)
Note: 'The central people's government constitutes the only legitimate government of all the people of the People's Republic of China.' Parade on Tian'Anmen Square in Beijing following the proclamation of the Central Popular Government of the People's Republic. F.l.t.r.: ?, ?, Song Qing Ling, ?, Zhu De, Mao, ?, ?, ?.
Subject Person: Song Qingling
Zhu De
Mao Tse-Tung
Subject: Group portrait
Subject Location: Beijing. (China)

Call number

IISG BG E11/968