Fritz Brupbacher Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Zurich 1874, died in Zurich 1945; socialist and libertarian; physician, writer; played a role in his native town of Zurich, both as a socialist and as a physician in workers' quarters; had a broad international orientation and extensive contacts with socialists, anarchists, communists, writers and artists; member of the Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz (SPS) in 1898; married Lydia Petrovna Kočetkova in 1901; influenced by French revolutionary syndicalism; founded a Swiss antimilitarist league in 1905; founded with his friend Max Tobler the socialist monthly Polis 1906-1908; contributed to La Vie Ouvrière and French syndicalist papers; expelled from the party in 1914 because of his anarchist leanings; member of the Kommunistische Partei der Schweiz in 1921; went to the Soviet Union as a delegate of the Internationale Arbeiter-Hilfe (IAH) in 1921; in the 1920s Paulette Raygrodski became his companion; expelled from the communist party in 1933; propagated sexual education and the right of abortion; his publications include `Marx und Bakunin', `Der Sinn des Lebens' 1938/39, and his autobiography `Jahre Ketzer' 1935.


Im Rahmen eines Zusammenarbeitsprojekts mit dem Schweizerischen Sozialarchiv in Zürich würde das Archiv 1989 von Karl Lang inventarisiert. Einige spätere Bemerkungen von Bernhard Weishaupt mit Bezug auf die Datierung von Briefen wurden übernommen. Vom Bouwe HIjma wurden Jahreszahlen zugefügt bei den Namen der Korrespondenten (Nr. 1-232), wurde das Inventar numeriert und die Einleitung geschrieben.


Extensive correspondence with his wife Lydia 1897-1916, with his sister Hedwig Wille-Brupbacher c. 1897-1928, with James Guillaume 1905-1916, 1920 and Max Nettlau (1906-) 1921-1940; correspondence (partly also directed to Paulette Raygrodski) with Luigi Bertoni 1906-1907, 1917-1940, Ottavio Dinale 1904, 1906-1907, Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis 1906-1909, Vera Figner (partly also to Lydia) 1907-1938, Raphael Friedeberg 1906-1940, Jacques Gross 1902-1925, Henri Guilbeaux 1922-1932, Max Huber 1892-1914, Marcel Martinet 1931-1933, Pierre Monatte 1910-1933, Federica Montseny 1932-1945, Erich Mühsam 1904-1907, 1919 (with some other documents), Walter Munke 1939-1940, Willi Münzenberg and Babett Gross 1912, 1926-1942, the IAH 1921-1922, Max and Siegfried Nacht 1905-1908, 1932, 1934, 1912-1913, Annie and Franz Pfemfert c. 1922, 1926-1938, Fritz Platten 1908-1930, Alfred Sanftleben 1900, 1905, 1912-1913, 1924, 1926, 1939, Leonid E. šiško (to Lydia) c. 1907-1909, Jacques Schmid 1907-1908, Adhémar Schwitzguébel 1907-1908, Elena D. Stasova 1923, 1925, 1931, 1934-1936, 1941, Helene Stöcker 1922-1940, Jean Wintsch 1907-1941 and others;

letters from James Guillaume to his wife Elise Golay 1886 and some poems by Guillaume; typescripts of books and articles (partly unpublished) by Brupbacher and some by others; press clippings, stencilled and printed material on political issues, on medicine, of Swiss committees and organizations, mainly from the 1920s and 1930s.

Processing Information

Inventory made by Karl Lang in 1990

Alternative Form of Material

30 security microfilms (1990)

Inv.nos 1-359 are digitized in 2016