Paul Hertz Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Paul Hertz: Born in Worms, Germany 1888, died in West-Berlin 1961; social democratic politician, economic expert, publicist; from 1905 on member of the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD); staff member of the Leipziger Volkszeitung in 1914; became member of the Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (USPD) during the First World War, editor of Die Freiheit in November 1918; returned to the SPD in 1922; member of the Reichstag 1920-1933; emigrated to Prague in 1933, member of the 'SPD-Executive in banishment' (Sopade or SOPADE); led the periodical Sozialistische Aktion 1933-1938; one of the leaders of the Neu Beginnen (before ORG, Leninistische Organisation, LO) group; supported the formation of a German Volksfront; broke with the Sopade in 1938; during 1938 stayed in Paris; lived in the USA since the end of 1939; member of the American Friends of German Freedom and the Council for a Democratic Germany; tax and business consultant in the US; moved to West-Germany in 1949 to work as a financial advisor for the Greater Berlin Council and as a senator for the Marshall Plan and banking in West-Berlin; mainly responsible for the politics of the European Recovery Programme for West-Berlin; since 1955 till death senator for economics and finance.


Hanna Hertz: Born in Pfungstadt, Germany 1886 (Johanna Loeb-Gernsheimer), died in the Amherst (Ma.), USA in 1973; translator; since 1914 wife of Paul Hertz; member of SPD; involved in the social democrat feminist movement mostly writing articles e.g. on the issue of domestic labor; working as translator for Russian-German among of e.g. Ilja Ehrenburg during the twenties; after that worked as an assistant for the political carreer of husband Hertz.

Hilde Hertz later Hilda H. Golden [„H“ stands for „Hertz“]: Born in Berlin, Germany 1919, died in USA 2012; daughter of Hanna and Paul Hertz; emigration-route: with parents to Prague, Paris then London, 1939 to the US; since 1964 professor for sociology; with husband Morris Golden (marriage1954) two children, Olivia and Daniel Golden.

Wilfried Hertz later Fred W. Berg ["W" stands for "Wilfried"]: Born in Germany 1915; son of Hanna und Paul Hertz; after emigrating to the US in 1933 became a trade union secretary in the American Federation of Labor; lived some years in the FRG giving courses for the german Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund; Bergs wife Ilse Berg is a daughter of Kate Steinitz.

Ruth Hertz: a niece of Paul Hertz; daughter of Paul Hertz‘ sister Emmy Hertz.

Custodial History

The first part of the papers of Paul Hertz were acquired in 1939 with financial support of the Centrale Arbeiders-Verzekerings- en Deposito-Bank (the Centrale) (Annual Report 1939, p. 70). In 1961 Hertz donated a supplement, a.o. his correspondence with Karl and Luise Kautsky (Annual Report 1961, p. 13-14). After his death the rest of the papers arrived in 1963. They were donated by his wife Hanna Hertz and their son Fred Berg (Annual Report 1963, p. 13).


The IISH acquired this collection in 1939 with financial support of the Centrale Arbeiders-Verzekerings- en Deposito-Bank (the Centrale). The collection was mentioned in the Annual Report of 1939 (p.70, 88 ).


The main part of the literary remains of Paul Hertz named "Schriftlicher Nachlass von Dr. Paul Hertz" ranging from numbers 1a_1 to 24_16_16_4 was purchased by the IISH in 1963 from Hanna Hertz and her son Fred W. Berg. The bulk, that contains a gift by Paul Hertz to the IISH from 1961, starts with the papers concerning Karl and Luise Kautsky and ends with Hertz' personal correspondence till 1961. The arrangement of this part was initially made by Paul Hertz himself and later by the archivist Hermann W. Bott of the Ernst-Reuter-Archiv in Berlin before 1963. That list was updated by Thomas Stange in 2014/15 at the IISH: the existing inventory was enlarged and corrected. But the initial arrangement nonetheless stayed the same. That was necessary because the references made to the Paul Hertz Papers in existing publications were extensively based on this prior arrangement. The first part of the invno.'s consist of the old invno.'s, which were based on the page-numbering of the old list. By chosing this - strange looking - type of numbering it 's still possible to use the old existing references to the papers. The list of this old arrangement was affiliated to the new inventory as number E 149. In this documents is noted which numbers are missing or have been destroyed. The new inventory uses the text 'nicht existent' for old invno.'s, which do not hold documents anymore. In most cases there is a reference to the place where they can be found.

The second part of the papers is the accrual that was given to the IISH in 1991 and 1998 by Hertz' daughter Hilda H. Golden. The autobiographic manuscript –On becoming an American– from Hilda H. Golden was transferred to the library of the IISH. (Call number: IISG Bro 1383/6 fol). This manuscript could be of interest for research on the biography of Paul Hertz as well). Some of the photos being delivered in this accrual where transferred to the photo-archive of the IISH. This part was processed by Götz Langkau in 1998: E 1- E 20.

The last accrual contains personal correspondence of Hanna and Paul Hertz as well as between those and her daughter Hilde Hertz, personal documents like passports,documents on the death of Paul Hertz, appreciations, documents of Neu Beginnen, speeches, publications and photographs of Hertz, members of his family and from other socialists. It moreover contains published works and translations of Hanna Hertz and further lists and documents concerning the Paul Hertz Papers including Hertz' library (E 139- E 149). These lists are particularly important to understand the arrangement of "Schriftlicher Nachlass von Dr. Paul Hertz" ranging from numbers 1a_1 to 24_16_16_4. This accrual was processed in 2014/15 by Thomas Stange: E 21-E 149.

During the arrangement double pieces are removed if possible. The complete archive was packed in new folders and boxes.


Personal documents; correspondence with Friedrich Adler, Otto Bauer, August Bebel, Eduard Bernstein, Léon Blum, Julius Braunthal, Willy Brandt, Rudolf Breitscheid, Georg Dietrich, Wilhelm Dittmann, Otto Friedlaender, Willy Friedlaender, Albert Grzesinski, Paul Hagen [Karl B. Frank], Rudolf Hilferding, Marie Juchacz, Benedikt Kautsky, Karl and Luise Kautsky, Paul Löbe, Fritz Naphtali, Erich Ollenhauer, Nicolaas W. Posthumus, Ernst Reuter, Friedrich Salomon, Philipp Scheidemann, Tony Sender, Carl Severing, Wilhelm Sollmann, Friedrich Stampfer, Hans Stein, Rudolf Wissel, Clara Zetkin and others, as well as family correspondence, for the mostly consisting of correspondence by Paul and Hanna Hertz with Hilda Hertz; manuscripts and texts of speeches; notes; files on the SPD before and after 1945, the group Neu Beginnen, the conflict with Sopade, the Ernst-Reuter-Archiv and other issues; lists of the correspondence; memoranda, circular letters, proceedings and reports; manuscripts written by Karl Kautsky, P. Sering and O. Strasser and others; texts of some commemorative speeches and clippings; printed material consisting of books, pamphlets, copies of periodicals, separate prints, leaflets from time of exile-organizations and press clippings; important material from German social democrate exile-organizations; publications, books, brochures, articles from Paul Hertz; documents about the Spanish Civil War; official documents from authorities and passports; printed speeches about Paul Hertz, especially about his legacy after death; photographs of members of Hertz' family and from other socialists; published works and translations of Hanna Hertz; lists and documents concerning the Paul Hertz Archive including Hertz' library.

Accrual 2014: papers of Paul Hertz: correspondence 1919-1961; personal documents like passports and documents on his loss of his citizenship and his appointment as senator in Berlin 1914-1961; documents on honours after his death 1962-1988; documents on Neu Beginnen 1939-1940; speeches 1952-1961; publications 1905-1961; photographs of Paul Hertz and others 1909-1958; photographs and postcards of friends and famous socialists, like Friedrich Adler, August Bebel, Karl Kautsky and family members and Tony Sender 1910-1943.

Accrual 2014: papers of Hanna Hertz (1886-1973): letters from Paul Hertz 1913-1959; correspondence with Willy Brandt 1967-1972, Tony Breitscheid 1964-1967, Tony Sender 1964, and others; personal documents like passports 1913-1970; publications 1914-1932; documents relating to death and honours of Paul Hertz 1961-1962; photographs 1912-1970.

Accrual 2014: papers of Hilda H. Golden (1919-2012): correspondence with her parents during the exile years and the emigration to the United States 1933-1941; correspondence with Ulla Langkau-Alex 2000; photographs 1990.

Accrual 2014: annexe: documents on the fate of the Hertz papers, initiatives to find a good resting place for these and earlier lists of parts of these 1956-1968; list of the code names of the German exiles of Neu Beginnen and correspondence by Götz Langkau and Ulla Langkau-Alex on these names 1966-2015.

Processing Information

Inventory by Thomas Stange in 2015.

Revised for purposes of digitization by Eva van Oene in 2015.

Alternative Form of Material

Complete Papers digitized as part of the Centrale Project 2012-2016.