Ekspress-Chronika Archives

Biographical / Historical Note

Russian newspaper founded in 1987 by the former political prisoner Aleksandr Podrabinek; started as illegal bulletin on human rights in the USSR; later a weekly newspaper with its own newsagency and correspondents, mostly activists in human rights organizations; published also a daily newsbulletin, "Svodka Novostej", and an English translation of the paper and its bulletin; because of financial problems, part of the money came from Western sponsors, it had to suspend its publication several times; to meet these problems a company by the name of Marium was founded in 1991; the last issue was in April 2000, succeeded by the electronic periodical "Moscow Human Rights News Agency PRIMA" with Podrabinek as editor.


Correspondence and other documents of the editors; files on several subjects, a.o. on Chechenia; articles meant for publication; copies of the paper and the bulletin; documentation (1982-) 1987-2001.

Digital material: no information available on the content of these files.